Ffresh and creamy goat cheese is rolled in a blend of chipotle spices that give a gentle kick to the tangy flavour of the cheese. The chipotle seasoning includes a special blend of jalapeño, chipotle pepper, garlic and other spices.


The Chipotle chèvre is both beautiful and tasty on a cheese board or crumbled on a salad. When cooking it is all about attitude: top juicy burgers with chipotle goat cheese and serve on ciabatta bread. Spoon gently heated Chipotle goat cheese and earthy mushrooms into warm tortillas, or use it over nachos or as a dip for tortilla chips or veggies.


Application: Mix into a twice baked potato or use to top nachos

Pairing: Warm mini toast, crispy vegetables

Wine Pairing: Sweet Rose’

Sizes: 4 oz/113 g.

Chiptole Chèvre