Cranberry with Cinnamon is the sensational pairing of our creamy chèvre with tart cranberries and warm cinnamon. The goat cheese is fresh, creamy and coated with cranberries and cinnamon. Cranberry goat is a unique chèvre that is rolled to cover it in whole fruit rather than berry paste. The cranberries give it a winter holiday appeal, but its flavour is light and fresh for any time of the year. Great on a cheese board, crumble on a salad or butterfly slice your chicken breast, place a slice of prosciutto, thickly spread the cranberry chèvre and bake. Amazing!


Application: Crumble on salads, spread in a turkey sandwich for a taste of Thanksgiving 

Pairing: crusty bread, walnuts, prosciutto 

Sizes:4 oz/113 g

Cranberry Chèvre