Do you love goat cheese? If you answered yes, this offering is for you!  This assortment has the best of goat cheese in all styles, fresh, feta, flavored and hard.


Original Goat: bright white with a slight acidic flavor. Smooth and Creamy. Easily spreadable.


Honey Goat: Our Original with local Ontario honey added for all who have a sweet tooth.


Garlic & Fine Herb Goat: Our Original goat log rolled in a blend of fine herbs and garlic.


Goat Feta: Tangy, salty and tart. Crumble over salads, pasta, or drizzle with olive oil.


Lindsay: Our 12-month bandaged wrapped goat cheddar is the prize is the big winner in this assortment (winning over 30 awards since we have launched in 2011). Made by hand in small batches, it is aged on pine boards. The bandage and humidity controlled aging room allows for the development of an earthy, nutty and full flavor with the sought-after crystallization of a well-aged cheddar.


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For Goatness Sake

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