Way Back Fire Hot Sauce – an extra hot, hot sauce with a base of Thai Dragon Chilies and topped with Red Caribbean Habanero, Ghost pepper and Trinidad Scorpion peppers with the added flavour of roasted garlic. Heat: 7/10


Back Fire Hot Sauce – a hot sauce with a base of Thai Dragon Chilies and topped with Red Caribbean Habanero and roasted garlic. Heat: 6/10


Ruby-Que Cooking Sauce – not just a BBQ sauce made with rhubarb, garlic scapes and maple syrup. Sweet with loads of flavour. Use as a marinade or BBQ sauce. Also great as a seasoning in soups, or with meats and veggies. Very versatile!


Mum's Sweet Honey Mustard – sweet and savory honey mustard.


Oh Seedy One Grainy Mustard – sour and salty, savory, with a seedy pop.


Oh Honey Hot Honey Mustard – a nice balance of sweet and heat, with a seedy pop. Heat: 1/10


Yellow Belly Mellow Mustard – robust, savory, smooth yellow mustard.


Fire Belly Hot Mustard – robust, savory, smooth yellow mustard with chili heat. Heat: 2/10


Reckless Jerk Hot Jerk Sauce – traditional style, hot Caribbean jerk, made with Red Caribbean Habaneros. Perfect with all your meats. Heat: 5/10


Mild Mannered Medium Jerk Sauce – traditional Caribbean spices. A milder version of the Reckless Jerk. Also goes well with peanut butter to create an easy Thai style dish. Heat: 3/10


Heat Scale: 1-11 where 1 is a mild heat, 5 is medium-hot, 10 is very hot and 11 is extremely hot. Jalapeno is 3/10, Habanero is 7/10.

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