Lindsay: Made in small batches, this goat cheddar is bandaged wrapped and aged for 12 months. Earthy, nutty and a beautiful flavor with crystallization of a well-aged cheddar.


Thea: Our newest cheese is Thea, a hand crafted bandaged wrapped sheep milk cheddar. Made in small batches with milk from a neighboring sheep farm, it is aged for 9 months in our aging rooms. Grand Champion at the 2019 Royal awards.


Tania: Named after our first goat, Tania is a 6-month-old Toscano style Sheep milk cheese. We age this cheese 6 months in our humidity controlled aging rooms to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Easily to shave over pasta or enjoy as a snacking cheese. Winner of 3 First Place Awards at the prestigious American Cheese Society. 


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Lenberg Trio

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